My dance style ranges from white dad at a barbecue to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow

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Elizabeth Taylor in Butterfield 8 (Daniel Mann, 1960)

Nomad_1Acrylic Paint, photo, gold ink13/19”- Fuhr

Emilia Clarke

This is one of the hardest jobs. It’s an everyday struggle. Every single day of my entire life I am rejected. One person after another denies me the future I dream of. They look at me, I do my little song and dance, and they say no, you are not worthy. I work relentlessly to do whatever I can to set myself apart from the rest, but in the end I am the same as the million other hopefuls.

And I am, hopeful. 


desert princess

Antonina bby

利便を考慮したスーイサイド - rovrsi:skye stracke in ‘soft’ by jem mitchell for flair…
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Fantastic photo of my grandmother wearing an eyepatch. I miss her immensely.

At The Top Of The World Listening To Cat Stevens